Ketamine in the News: Ketamine Used In Thai Cave Rescue

Ketamine used in Thai cave rescue

Ketamine has been making quite a few appearances in the news lately, from the FDA’s approval of Ketamine nasal spray to treat depression to news that Ketamine can actually help to change the brain to repair damaged cells in some patients. Now, Ketamine is in the news for another reason: the popular party drug turned medical marvel played a large part in helping to save 12 boys and their coach when they were trapped for two weeks in an underground cave in Thailand.

The Story

A soccer team in Thailand decided to explore Tham Luang cave after they were out for a ride on their bikes, so the 12 boys and their coach went in to explore. However, flood waters within the cave began to rise to dangerous levels, trapping all 13 underground – a few hundred meters underneath the surface – for two entire weeks.

When the rescue crews stepped in and made a plan to rescue all of them, they were doubtful about being able to get them out alive. They figured that the boys would panic, get diagnosed with hypothermia, or drown during the rescue attempts.

However, not only were they able to save the lives of all the members of the soccer team and their coach trapped within the cave, but they used Ketamine as a way to treat them, both before and after they were removed.

How Was Ketamine Used in the Rescue?

Medics on site used Ketamine treatment to help sedate and calm the boys and their coach during their rescue. The Ketamine worked to keep them from panicking, which could hinder their rescue and make it more difficult for the team to get them out of the caves. It also helped to keep them still until they were able to determine whether or not they suffered through any head or spinal injuries.

Ketamine was also administered to some in cases of hypothermia; Ketamine is known to prevent the body from shivering, which can help keep them still and keep them calmer until they could get them to a proper medical facility.

As Ketamine can also be used to relieve pain, it came in handy to help treat any injuries that were sustained during their entrapment in the cave.

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