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First Ketamine Guidelines for Pain Released

New research shows that ketamine can be effective for treating pain, and could be an alternative to opioids.
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Off-Label Use of Ketamine for the Treatment of Patients With Mood Disorders

Psychiatry Advisor
Patients with mood disorders that are refractory to standard therapies may be candidates for the off-label use of ketamine. According to a report published in JAMA, although ketamine has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use as an anesthetic for more than 45 years, concerns persist regarding the safety of repeated ketamine dosing.
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Efficacy of Ketamine in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review

Frontiers in Psychiatry
Despite advances in behavioral and pharmacotherapy interventions, substance use disorders (SUDs) are frequently refractory to treatment. Glutamatergic dysregulation has received increasing attention as one common neuropathology across multiple substances of abuse.
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Remarkable secrets of ketamine’s antidepressant effect unlocked by scientists

Ketamine, most commonly known for its use as a recreational drug, has in recent years come to be thought of as the biggest breakthrough psychiatric treatment for severe depression in half a century.
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Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America’s Rising Suicide Rate

Joe Wright has no doubt that ketamine saved his life. A 34-year-old high school teacher who writes poetry every day on a typewriter, Wright was plagued by suicidal impulses for years.
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