Studies Show Ketamine May Help Anxiety and PTSD

ketamine therapy for anxiety and ptsd

Ketamine therapy is known for its ability to help relieve chronic pain conditions in patients, and lately, it has been known for its ability to help with mood disorders, as well. While the drug hadn’t been studied too in-depth until recently, studies for the former party drug have shown that it can be helpful for a variety of conditions, such as severe anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

How Does Ketamine Treat Mood Disorders?

Many people who suffer from mood disorders like anxiety and PTSD have found that even through traditional treatments like antidepressants and therapy, they aren’t getting the results that they need to be able to live their best lives. When these conventional treatments do not work, it leads many doctors and patients to wonder where they can turn next to get the relief they need from these life-altering conditions.‘

With new research, it has been shown that Ketamine, which was once FDA approved to be used as an anesthetic, is now being found incredibly helpful for those with mood disorders. Treatment-resistant anxiety and PTSD can often be helped with Ketamine, which is administered in a controlled medical setting.

Studies on Ketamine and Mood Disorders

New studies regarding Ketamine and mood disorders such as treatment-resistant anxiety and PTSD are surfacing all the time. Most of these studies have shown that Ketamine treatments, when administered by medical professionals, help to improve these conditions.

One study involving Ketamine and anxiety showed that the majority of patients who underwent Ketamine treatment found relief from their severe anxiety symptoms in just one hour and lasted for seven days before they required another dose of Ketamine. Eighteen out of the twenty patients in the study said that they felt ongoing results with continued treatments.

A study that was done involving Ketamine treating PTSD showed that patients who received Ketamine treatments in addition to traditional forms of treatment were able to find relief from their symptoms more than those who did not receive the Ketamine.

These studies are highlighting how well Ketamine can work for mood disorders such as anxiety and PTSD, even if they are so severe that traditional medications and therapy might not be able to bring relief.

While more studies are being done on a regular basis, as of right now Ketamine treatments are showing much promise to those who are suffering from these and other mood disorders and may not be able to find relief from traditional treatments.

To learn more about how Ketamine can work to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and PTSD, call Ketamine USA today to learn if you are a candidate for treatment.

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