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What Yale Psychiatrists Think About Ketamine for Depression


Since the March 5th, 2019 approval of the nasally administered Ketamine-like drug, esketamine, by the Food and Drug Administration, more and more patients are turning to the use of Ketamine to treat their mood disorders, including depression. This medication has been the first new medication to treat depression in several decades and is working wonders for those with severe and treatment-resistant depression.

What is Esketamine?

Esketamine is a nasal spray that is derived from the drug Ketamine, which was once known for its use in clubbing and parties. Now, researchers have found that Ketamine has antidepressant properties that can eliminate even tough cases of depression, or those known as being treatment resistant. This nasal spray, which is used under clinical observation in a medical setting, can truly be the key to improving depression that has not improved with conventional treatments, such as antidepressants.

Impressive Studies on Esketamine

Several studies have been done on the drug known as esketamine. One such study has found that in patients with treatment-resistant depression, about seventy percent of the patients who have used esketamine along with a prescription antidepressant taken orally, saw an improvement in their mood disorder. These studies are what prompted the Food and Drug Administration to expedite the approval of the esketamine nasal spray, making this ketamine depression treatment available to those who could truly benefit from the drug.

What do Yale Psychiatrists Think?

Psychiatrists at Yale are calling esketamine a unique form of treatment for depression. In fact, Yale Medicine’s own chief psychiatrist John Krystal, MD., has noted that he believes that Ketamine “is a game changer,” when asked about how he felt about the new treatment for depression.

How does Ketamine Work for Treating Depression?

Ketamine is able to treat depression because it allows the brain to create new pathways, founding new neural connections that can allow the patient to be more available to positive thoughts and feelings. Traditional medications for depression, such as oral antidepressants, do not have that effect on the brain, so this is new territory for medical professionals.

While Ketamine can help to treat depression and allow patients who are suffering from the mood disorder to improve their mental state, it is important to note that using esketamine is only part of an overall treatment plan. Therapy, traditional antidepressants, and ketamine should all work together to build a support system. While Ketamine is known for its fast-acting effects, it is also important to note that it tends to work better when coupled with traditional methods.

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